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War of Kings - Medieval Strategy Board Game

War of Kings - Medieval Strategy Board Game

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What is War of Kings - A 4X Strategy Board Game


War of Kings is a medieval strategy board game that combines exciting combat with a well-balanced and engaging economic system. Seek to build an empire as you take command of your own kingdom! Resource management is key to build settlements, fortifications, and roads, while engaging other kingdoms in combat with your armies. War of Kings features:

  • fast-paced action with simultaneous kingdom-building and resource management,
  • double-sided game board that provides two distinct flavors of gameplay,
  • exciting combat that engages both the attacker and defender, and 
  • a unique non-player horde provides excellent replayability.

Players: 2-6
Ages: 13+

Here's how to play War of Kings in only five minutes:

The complete rule book is available for download here, so check it out!


What is in the box - War of Kings - A 4X Medieval Strategy Board Game

Inside the War of Kings game box, you will find everything you need for up to a 6 player game. This medieval strategy board game is packed with components.

War of Kings Box Contents - a 4X Medieval Strategy Board Game

War of Kings Miniatures - a 4X Medieval Strategy Board Game

Here is a quick video to show you exactly what you will find when you open a War of Kings box:

What Makes War of Kings Uninque - a 4X Medieval Strategy Board Game

  • Simultaneous Play – All 6 players collect resources, trade, recruit armies, construct settlements, and fortify their kingdom simultaneously. This reduces the wait between turns, keeps the game fresh, and creates an exciting gaming atmosphere.

  • The Maladorian Marauders – A card-based mechanic lets the players take control of a non-player horde and wreak havoc on their neighbors. From Jason, at iSlayTheDragon: “Simply put, this mechanic alone is worth the investment into this game.

  • Minimal Set-Up Time – The game can be set up in just minutes.  There are no boards to randomize or decisions to anguish over before play can begin. Nevertheless, the advanced game play creates a unique experience every time.


  • Active Combat – The combat system in War of Kings engages both the attacking and defending player.  The custom combat dice are intuitive, and everyone at the table will be cheering on the combatants.

  • Balance War of Kings strikes a balance between military conquest and the management of your kingdom’s economy.  Both will be necessary to conquer the land of Arowyth.

  • Awesome Miniatures – War of Kings features three levels of settlements that can be defended by placing one of three levels of fortifications around it. All are hand-sculpted specifically for War of Kings.

What Are People Saying - War of Kings a 4X Medieval Strategy Board Game

After being funded on Kickstarter, War of Kings has received high marks from everyone in our community!

"Overall I'm VERY happy that I backed this game. The box is heavy. The components are nice. The art is beautiful. Best of all - it plays REALLY well. I'm excited to show it to my friends." - Evan, on BGG

"War of Kings is an incredibly well designed game that presents enough strategic choices to keep it intriguing and fun. After one single playthrough, I had my people in my gaming group begging me to bring it back because they wanted more." David, CarcassonneFreak on BGG in his written review.

"[War of Kings] distills the elements of a grand strategy conquest game into a compact and imminently playable experience without losing its epic flavor" - Jason Meyers in his written review of War of Kings, on iSlayTheDragon.

"Buy it!" says Cody at The Discriminating Gamer in his video review.

 Shipping for War of Kings - a 4X Medieval Strategy Board Game

We currently only have retail copies of War of Kings available to ship from within the U.S and Canada and cannot ship to other countries. Shipping costs are prohibitively expensive to ship War of Kings internationally. Be sure to look out for our Kickstarters, so you can take advantage of our worldwide distribution channels!

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